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Our services

  • Medium duty truck maintenance
  • Antique vehicles
  • Drive me home service
  • Rustproof
  • Light truck rustproof
  • American mechanics
  • Asian mechanics
  • European mechanics
  • Mechanical light truck
  • Diesel mechanic
  • Cleaning injectors
  • Exhaust repair

General mechanics

Genral Mechanic in Casselman

Rely on professionals to repair your vehicle in Casselman. We perform repairs on American, Asian and European cars.

We repair all components of your car or light truck as the engine, direction, suspension, brakes, exhaust system and more.

Preventive and recommended maintenance

Preventive and recommended maintenance in Casselman

Automotive maintenance is essential to ensure the life and reliability of your car. Your vehicle can remain more reliable, safe and economical in the long term.

The preventive maintenance program of Garage Auto Select Casselman will allow you to keep your car longer and in better condition. We respect the recommendations of dealers and auto manufacturers.

New customers all benefits of our inspection Prescribed Maintenance that provides you a checkup and maintenance for your car. Request an inspection of the "Prescribed Maintenance" program.

Air conditioning maintenance and air conditioning

Air conditioning Garage Casselman

We are equipped and experienced to maintain and repair your air-conditioned car or light truck on air system. Maintaining your air conditioning system is essential to avoid costly repairs.

Did you know that mold and bacteria grow in your ductwork for heating and air conditioning of the vehicle. Disposal service odors any season is designed to clean the ducts.

Analysis engine, electricity and diagnosis

Analysis engine Garage Casselman

The lights dashboard are becoming more numerous on modern vehicles. Garage Auto Select Casselman in Casselman has equipment at the cutting edge of technology in order to diagnose the failure injection, electronics, electricity, airbags, ABS and computer on your car or light truck. Do scan your check engine light here!

Voyant lumineux

Auto wheel alignment

Alignment Garage Casselman

Wheel alignment specialist in Casselman, the Auto Select Garage Casselman has experienced engineers that will adjust alignment of the wheel of your vehicle.

After all conduct and suspension repairs or after a road accident, it is important to check and adjust the alignment of your wheels to extend the life of your tires and save gasoline.

Diesel Mechanic and maintenance

Diesel mechanic Garage Casselman

We are specialized in diesel mechanics and maintenance and other inter-powerstroke engines, duramax and Cummins.

Recreational vehicles mechanic (RVs)

We are able to maintain your recreational vehicles. We perform the general mechanic such as brakes and suspension. Our experts can also service your air conditioning.

Vehicle fleet maintenance

Vehicle fleet Garage Casselman

Garage Auto Select Casselman in Casselman provides professional management and repair of commercial and institutional fleets of vehicles. Experts in automotive services then support you in maintenance and repair of general auto mechanics and light truck, and preventive maintenance and tire purchases.

Medium truck maintenance

Truck maintenance Garage Casselman

We perform maintenance on Medium Duty truck (INTERMEDIATE class), moving truck and up to 6000lbs (3 tons) cube trucks.

Affiliated CAA garage

Towing Casselman

Auto Select Casselman offers a towing service for automotive and light truck.