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Our automotive products

New tires sale

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Garage Auto Select Casselman is a retailer of winter or summer tires of most brands, models and sizes for automotive and light truck in Casselman.

Need advice for buying new tires? Our consultants will find a product that fits your needs.

Here is our list of tire services:

  • New tires
  • Tires installation
  • TPMS maintenance
  • Mags and wheels
  • Tire storage
  • Steel wheels
  • Tire repair
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High quality parts

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Garage Auto Select Casselman is a retailer of premium auto and light trucks parts for your automobile and light truck. We are able to satisfy your needs in auto parts according to your budget and your expectations.

We are also retailers of automotive and truck accessories.

  • Deflector, footboard, mirror, pickup cover, hitch
  • Suspension parts and steering
  • Brake parts and brake system
  • Fluids and oils of first quality
  • Filters and belts
  • And more...

Auto parts replacement


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Exhaust Muffler

Silencer Garage Casselman

Repair Assurance Plus Garage Casselman

We offers Repair Assurance Plus and Free extended warranty. For more information, see the Auto Select site.

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